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The Patissier

Jens Brockerhof

Avisit to Pierre Hermé in Paris got the stone rolling – or where does yearning for your own Patisserie come from?

Jens Brockerhof was at lunch. He was completing his training as a chef and was just then an exchange apprentice in Paris. Ever since he got his hands on the book »The Patisserie of Pierre Hermé« he had been spellbound by the perfection and sensuality of the sweet artworks of pastry. The future chef felt like a little child full of expectations when he finally set foot in the promised land. As if stunned by the bewitching aromas, colours and elegant sounding French product names he bought up what his wallet could handle, sat down on the nearest bench and savoured cake after cake with a broad grin. The innumerable domains of taste and consistency, wrapped up in reduced and aesthetic beauty, fascinated him. He was so happy and satisfied that he made the decision to master patisserie baking by starting at the bottom in order to return and thrill people in Germany. Still in his final days as trainee chef, he and Johannes Müller, founded the catering firm El Paradiso, which initially specialised solely in pastry. Hardly did he have his final diploma as a chef in hand than he began his education as a pastry chef in order to get his master’s patent directly afterwards. In tandem, much work got accomplished “on” and “in” his own business. El Paradiso Catering had in the meanwhile developed into a trans-regional supplier with a broad portfolio.

The El Paradiso family

A corporate group grew out of what was once a factory for sweets. It now comprises event catering, sports hospitality as well as customised solutions for the business catering field with in-house cafeterias. In 2015 the gourmet restaurant Sosein was added, where its chef de cuisine Felix Schneider within one year won a Michelin star and was nominated as one of the 50 best restaurants in Germany. By 2017 it was high time for Jens Brockerhof to find his way back to his real vocation and passion: patisserie. He told people of his enthusiasm and took them on a tour through sugar, butter and calories. He now touches your soul with it and lavishes precious emotional moments on you, this time in his own establishment.

Tafelzier Nürnberg - Der Patissier Jens Brockerhof
Tafelzier Nuremberg. A produkt can only taste as good....